Our hair restoration process

We have introduced a total hairline reconstruction procedure with our new technology and we claim it is the best natural hair loss treatment.

New Live Scalp REplica

With a magnifying glass or human touch, our unique liquid skin with hair single injected into it's surface gives the most natural appearance possible.

Liquid skin is a microscopic, flexible second skin with natural hair patterns.

The base being so thin & natural, it bonds with no ridges. Compare this revolutionary non-surgical skin graft to your own natural scalp! A clear, see-through membrane fused in the area that you need hair. We can give you a little or a lot.

Comb your hair straight back to show your hairline. One low cost procedure.

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Hair integration

State of the art hair enhancement system designed for women that adds fullness, length & body. It is feather-light secure and completely undetectable. Hair Integration provides any amount of hair, length, or thickness & is perfectly matched to your own natural hair. Hair Integration does not hide, cover or inhibit hair growth. It does not inhibit sports activity.

The technique involves blending strands of the finest human hair precisly matched to your own, on a sheer polyster web. Using a tall-comb you simple pull your own hair through to blend with yours. It feels comfortable and looks like its all your own hair!

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